Laba diena,mano sunui nustate trumposios zarnos sindroma mum dabar 3 savaites. gydytoja mum verte i anglu kalba ligos eiga tai idesiu neversta kad butu tiksliau. Baby boy Tadas Strakauskas was born April 16th, 2011 at 38 weeks of gestation after uneventful third pregnancy. Apgar score was 9-10. Bithweight 3734g. At the end of 1st day of life he started to vomit with bilious contents. Admitted to Kaunas University Hospital at 36 hours of age with suspected ileus. 7 hours after admission abdominal surgery was performed. During the surgery type V(apple peel) intestinal atresia was found. Proximal 40cm of jejunum was dilated to 2cm diameter, further part of jejunum was atretic, about 20cm of it was not functional, small perforation was found and those 20 cm were resected. The rest of ileum - 3 to 4 mm diameter. Colon and rectum - 3 to 5mm diameter. Santulli enterostomy was made(40cm from lig. duodenojejunale). Postoperative course was uneventful, total parenteral nutrition was started the next day. Trophic feedings with 5cc of breastmilk were started at the day 2 after surgery. Enterostomy is functional. Baby still has occasional bilious vomiting 10 days after surgery. Histology of resected atretic small bowel revealed segments of intestine with normal structural layers. Jis dar ir dabar vemia tulzimi gal galit patarti ka galima butu daryti kad nustotu vemt. I ar galima ka padaryti kad maitinimas i vena kuo maziau kenktu kepenim?